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Lack of Leadership - A Hindrance in Progress

Thursday, May 13, 2010

By:Inderjit Megh
Every organization has its own objectives and missions. To achieve them there is need of proper guidance and policies which are decided by the high ups in organization following which the goals are attained. If there is no proper leader to guide who could chalk out the Process to be followed, it is like doping in the dark and it becomes difficult to succeed in the mission. Such seems to be the case of All India Megh Sabha, (Regd.) Chandigarh. Though the Sabha was constituted nearly three decades back, still the achievements are not up to the desired and anticipated, level.
It has been successful in providing necessary assistance to the needy students who have successfully completed their courses of Studies and are in a position to earn and help their families. A few more children are availing this assistance and continuing their education and they will be achieving their goals in the near future. Thousands of rupees (Approximately Rs.80000/-) have been provided by the Sabha towards the literacy program of the Sabha which is a continuous Process' and is benefitting the needy.
The Sabha is also bringing out a magazine of its own 'Megh-Chetna' which has been found useful to the community in many ways. It has linked many organizations with it by way of exchange of news and views. This has lead to the popularity of the Sabha and its recognition by others. But the major goal of Megh-Bhawan around which various other welfare activities were planned remains un-fulfilled.  This is a matter of concern needing analyzing the reasons for its failure
in this respect. The minor reason behind it is the lack of leadership which failed in
getting all community population under its own banner and community remained
divided under various names making use of the name Meghs (Such as Megh Udhar Sabha etc.). So instead of strengthening the All India Megh Sabha (Regd.) Chandigarh, a body framed in the beginning and being the oldest, various personal benefits have attracted them to create new and similar organizations, which is misleading the community and weakening the main body created for welfare of the community.
The question arises as why it is so. If we provide a little and sincere thought to this problem, we will find that our leadership has not succeeded to work collectively. This could be due to the aspirations of various intelligent members who were not interacted and their valuable services could not be utilized. This is the primary duty of those at the helm of affairs of the Sabha to see that community members outside (not residing in Chandigarh) are also connected with Sabha by proper inter-action. A time was there when there was more interaction with those in other states of J & K, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. Somehow, it has ceased or decreased with time. Various self interested individuals have started activities. This is being done for their individual and personal benefits. This is not being understood by the simple community members who have become their pray ignoring the main body (All India Megh Sabha) (Regd.), Chandigarh.
This is a matter of concern for the community and they have to ponder on the problem of their welfare and make collective efforts for the benefit of the community.
The community should give preference to collective gains than individual gains, so that the plight of the whole community is improved and the community members
gain access to various positions in the society.
It has been observed that our Megh Community is divided into various religious
sects i.e. Radhaswami, Nirankari, Kabir Panthies, Sanatan Dharami, Arya Samajist  etc. with the result we are not having any common Guru even to guide us religiously, morally, socially and spiritually.
Position on political scenario is worst. Since partition the community leaders of different political parties have not been able to guide the community to the right direction and every person belonging to different parties have been able to divide the community instead of forming a common plate form. Our division has helped the others to defeat our community candidate. Although in many sectors our population is maximum but our division has resulted in more harm to the community instead of benefits. Other people divide and rule us. Let us unite and show our strength in every field of life and political gains will come automatically leaving aside personal gains. Every member-leader-social worker religious leaders should pledge to awaken and strengthen the community. Leave your petty-personal gains, be sincere-honest and work for the uplifting Megh community on whose name we get all reservation and benefits from the constitution in different states in India. A view of Appendix-I List of SC & ST state wise will show only Megh-Dhanak, Kabir panthi. Julaha Meghwal- Meghvanshi are the only communities of India in different states of India who have been recognized as SCs. We are one-be-one and unite.
There should be no controversy on castes & name. I have just highlighted the castes of different states of India on the basils of which we are having our identity and reservation benefits in promotion and other spheres of 1fe like M.L.A.s & M.P.s.
Every person is free to choose his/her religion & political party but when the community cause/interest comes they should come on one platform.
(Courtesy: Megh Chetna, Feb-April 2010 issue . The writer is President of All India Megh Sabha, Chandigarh)


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